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Job seekers please note that to register your CV with us is 100% completely free. Please feel free to register your CV onto our database.

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Why Choose Pride Careers

In an ever-changing global landscape, it is more important than ever to find the right employment opportunities to achieve your life goals or to make your next career move. We know our areas of expertise inside out.

As strategic advisors to our clients, our ability to support their business growth and source exceptional talent relies on a deep understanding of the sectors in which they operate.

It is our ultimate goal as a recruitment agency to assist as many job seekers as possible to secure good job opportunities within their preferred field of employment and in turn to assist as many employers as possible in hiring of good staff members who will become an integral and important part of the employers’ team.

Current job opportunities and vacancies will be sent out via email notification to those who have registered their CVs. If you find a job you’re interested in has been advertised, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

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How does Pride Careers
Recruitment Agency Work?

Our recruitment agency is hired by employers, who provide us with a list of their open job vacancies to source and place their personnel and staffing requirements:


We conduct job analysis for the positions


We publish & advertise the job vacancies.

Screening & Interviews

We find and select suitable candidates.

Job Offer

Hiring and onboarding accepted candidates
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Our passion for you

Go crack the Greatness

We have the best consultants for the sectors we serve who will guide and help you to prepare for the opportunities you qualify for.

Strategic Partners

Your success is what makes us successful. We commit to forge mutually benefitting relationship with all our potential candidates.

Free Resources

We will continue to publish free resources in our blog to inform, educate and inspire you in your journey to your next great career.


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